Windows vs Mac

    1. Windows :
    2. Microsoft Windows which is also known as Windows is a group of graphical operating system by Microsoft Incorporation.
    3.  It currently includes Windows NT and Windows IoT as members of its family.  Windows 9x, Windows Mobile and Windows Phone are not in use anymore .
    4.  It is widely used operating system in the category personal computers.
    5. The first version of Windows was launched by Microsoft in 1985. The most recent version of Windows for personal computers is Windows 10.
    • macOS :
    • macOS which was earlier known as macOS X or OS X is graphical operating system by Apple Incorporation. macOS is designed specifically for the Apple mac computers.
    •  It is based on Unix operating system. It was developed using C, C++, Objective-C, assembly language and Swift.
    • After Windows Mac is the second most used operating system.
    • The first version of macOS was launched by Apple in 2001. The latest stable version of macOS is 10.15.1 which is also known as Catalina.

    The debate between Windows vs Mac is never ending and is one of the most controversial topic when we talk about computers.

    Here is the difference between the two:

    It was developed and is owned by Microsoft Incorporation.It was developed and is owned by Apple Incorporation.
    It was launched in 1985.It was launched in 2001.
    It is designed for PC of all companies.It is specifically designed for Apple mac computers.
    Current stable version is Windows 10.Current stable version is mac 10.15.1 (Catalina).
    It is for workstation, personal computers, media center, tablets and embedded systems.Its target system type is workstation, personal computers and embedded systems.
    Computer architectures supported by Windows are IA-32, x86-64, IA-64, ARM, Alpha, MIPS and PowerPC.Computer architectures supported are x86-64(10.4.7-present), IA-32(10.4.4-10.6.8) and PowerPC(10.0-10.5.8).
    File systems supported are NTFS, FAT, ISO 9660, UDF, HFS+, FATX and HFS.File systems supported are HFS+, APFS, HFS, UFS, AFP, ISO 9660, FAT, UDF, NFS, SMBFS, NTFS, FTP, WebDAV and ZFS.
    Kernel type is Hybrid with modules here.Kernel type is Hybrid with modules here also.
    Package management is MSI or custom installer.Package management is macOS installer.
    Update management is Windows Update.Update management is Software Update.
    The native APIs are Win32 and NT API.The native APIs are Carbon, Cocoa, Java and BSD-POSIX.

    Windows and Mac can be differentiated on the following basis:

    1. Security

    Mac – Macs are less vulnerable when it comes to security. Macs receive fewer viruses than PCs running Windows.  Apple’s computers covers less than 10% market share due to its high price as a result these numbers could be misleading

    PC – More people today are using computers in which some or the other version of Microsoft Windows is running only, which makes it a smarter target for attackers. Thus, it is observed that Window computers are more vulnerable to security risks.

    • Price

    Mac – Mac computers are well built with high-quality components whereas some PCs are not. But Mac book is far more expensive which makes it a luxury product and it becomes difficult for people with less income to enjoy the product.

    PC – PCs with Windows running in them are far less expensive than a Mac. They are especially cheaper when it comes to customization of the computer’s components.

    • Operating system

    Operating system of both Mac and Windows are clean , fast and both have highly capable operating systems. It is the personal preference of the users on which of them to use when it comes to operating system.

    • Software

     Windows dominates this category of software market as it gets the benefit of larger consumer base as  a result software developers are more interested in developing softwares for Windows. Software titles for Mac has also grown over the years , but there are hundreds of free programs available for PC that are not available for Mac.

    • Ecosystem

    Mac – Apple has created a strong ecosystem with Apple products, like the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. Purchasing an Apple computer helps you interact with other Apple products more easily using macOS.

    PC – Microsoft has a strong ecosystem with Microsoft Office and the Xbox. However, their ecosystem is not as cohesive as Apple’s because they no longer have mobile solutions and they only rely on Android devices.

    • Build quality

    Mac – Mac computers are known for their exceptional quality across their entire line, including both laptops and desktops. Macs offer a very compact profile and are aesthetically pleasing.

    PC – PCs have always been highly customizable. As such, there are many different levels of build quality from high to low. Therefore, while you can get very high-quality components for a PC, you can also get those that are of poor quality.

    • Customization and upgrades

    Mac – Apple computers may be customized with several options. All their computers come pre-built and are only manufactured by Apple.

    PC – PCs have more pre-built options due to a higher number of its manufacturers. Also , if you want to build a computer, the options for customization are exponentially higher.

    • Boot time

     With the release of Windows 10, PC boot times have decreased dramatically. In some cases, Windows 10 performs faster than macOS. Though these differences are negligible when comparing computers with similar hardware. The hard drive which is used in a computer decides the boot time. Both Macs and PCs have SSDs available to them, but those who build PCs have much faster options.

    • Drivers

    Mac – Mac has an advantage because Apple has the monopoly of these computers and most of the hardware. Consequently, Apple have more control on their drivers.

    PC – PCs are built by many different manufacturers with interchangeable components, which requires numerous drivers. Since there are so many different hardware manufacturers, it can be difficult to make sure all drivers remain up-to-date.

    1. Gaming

    Developers are bended more towards developing games for Windows operating system  as they own 90% of the market share. Also custom-built desktop PCs have more upgrade options, they can meet and exceed the demands of new games without needing to replace the computer. Macs on the other hand haver less support from game companies.

    1. Support

    Mac – Apple designs their products in such a way that you only need to deal with Apple Incorporation if you face any technical problems. Apple can offer a lot of assistance that is not available for PCs. Also, Apple has many stores around the world that offer in-person support and help with using Apple products.

    PC – While there are plenty of repair shops that fix computer problems, they are not specialized for one brand of computer, and they offer no training.

    1. Repair costs

    Mac – Apple integrates their components very well due to which their reparing cost is very expensive. Apple also makes it very difficult for anyone but them to repair their products. This strategy of Apple serves two purposes; first the product gets repair very well and second, it increase their profits.

    PC – Desktop PCs repairs and can be done by any local computer repair shop. However, some PC repairs can be as expensive and difficult as an Apple laptop.

    1. Touch capability

    When it comes to desktop and laptop computers, Mac offers no touch screen capability, only the Touch Bar on some MacBooks.

    Thus it is said that Mac is more preferred over Windows.


    While purchasing and deciding whether to buy windows or Mac buyers should consider all the above factors clearly.

    But ultimately it is everyone’s personal choice about which one to buy keeping in mind other factors like status symbol (mac is considered as a higher status symbol in comparison to windows), budget and many other things.

    Thus, it all comes down to the personal observation and choices of the consumers.

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