How to Find Page Layout in Excel Office 365?

    Page layout tab has features that enable users to prepare or to finalize the look of their excel worksheet before exporting and printing. It enables users to modify the appearance of their table through themes and overall worksheets to be presentive, well-scaled, and to look organized through features given under themes, page setup, and scale to fit, sheet options and arrange section. Page Layout tab is found on the top of the ribbon, where the file, home, and other tabs are also given. Let’s learn what Page Layout Features do.  

    • Click the Page Layout tab from the top of the ribbon where all the options for the functions are given.
    Excel Office 365

    Features under Theme and Page Setup Section

    Excel Office 365

    Under the Themes section, themes feature allows user to add a certain color theme to their table with different font style for both heading and body, also users can create their own color theme with their preferred font styles and add effects to any shapes or SmartArt that the user has used in their sheet. 

    Next section of Page Setup allows users to adjust page margins according to their preference, select orientation of the sheet as a portrait or horizontal layout, adjust the size of the sheet, select area of the sheet for printing, add a break where the user would like to add a new page, add a background to excel sheet, print selected tiles of the excel sheet.

    Features under Scale to Fit, Sheet Options, and Arrange

    Excel Office 365

    Under the Scale to Fit section, users can fit their table to the sheet with predefined margins on the sides, users can also expand the width of the printout to the no. of pages, the same goes for the height of the printout that can be expanded to the no. of pages. Then the scale option helps users to fit the excel table with the worksheet page.

    Next is the Sheet options section which has two options for gridlines to show or not or to print or not and for headings (heading lines) to be viewed or not, and printed or not.  

    The last section is “Arrange” and the features under this section allows users to arrange the objects back and forward to align it. Selection Pane allows users to see all the images in the worksheet and make it easy to select objects, change their order or change their visibility. Align Objects allow the user to change the placement of the selected objects on the page. Group Objects allow the user to join the objects to move and format them as if they are a single object. Rotate allows the user to rotate and flip the selected object.

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