How to Insert Page Numbers in Excel Office 365?

    Microsoft Excel enables users to be creative by facilitating an extensive array of features as simple as inserting page numbers to worksheets and as complicated as inserting analytical conditioning to make an excel worksheet more insightful and illustrative for its viewers to understand its data. To learn how to insert page numbers in excel worksheets follow the steps given below.


    • Click the Insert tab from the top of the ribbon on your excel worksheet.
    Excel Office 365
    • Under the Insert tab, click Header and Footer option from the “Text” section at the end of the ribbon where all the functions are given.
    Excel Header & Footer
    • The functions on the ribbon will change with more options under header and footer. Click the “Page Number” button.
    • Now the worksheet will appear in a preview page layout form with visible header space divided into three columns. Similarly, if you will scroll drown to write the page number at the bottom of the page at the footer space, then it will appear with three columns. Write page number in any column of the header where you want the page number to appear.
    Microsoft Excel
    • The page number will appear in the space as you wrote it.
    Microsoft Excel
    • Now to exit from the preview page layout, click the grid icon from the bottom of the worksheet that says “Normal”.
    Normal Excel

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