How to Connect PS4 Controller to Phone

    Wondering about how you can connect your PS4 controller to your Phone? Let me help you with this. This isn’t as difficult as you expect. If you own a modern gaming console, chances are you already have a usable Bluetooth controller. That’s because most new console controller either use Bluetooth as standard or include it for use on platforms. That means you can use your PS4 controller on your Android phone, tablet, or TV device. We will show you how:

    How to Connect PS4 to Android Phone

    In order to connect your Android phone or tablet as Bluetooth Connection, you will need to use a button combination on the PS4 wireless controller to access pairing mode. On your PS4 controller, hold down the Share and PS button at the same time until the light bar begins to flash white.

    How to Connect PS4 Controller to Phone

    On your phone, enable Bluetooth and allow your device to scan for your PS4 controller. When the controller appears in the device list, then select the “Wireless Controller” option listed. Once it states that your device and controller are connected, you will notice that you can use the PS4 controller to locate through the device, though, some actions are limited.

    Connect PS4 Controller to Phone

    Bear in mind always that not all games compatible with third-party controllers, but many are, so make sure about this. Go to into game’s settings and look for controller options. Every game is different and has different features, but what you need to look for is ways to disable the Android controls or select a third-party controller’s option.

    Connect PS4 Controller

    When you are bored from playing your Android games and want to play your PlayStation 4 again, simply connect the controller to the console via the mini USB cord and press the PS button.

    How to Connect PS4 to iPhone or iPad

    As of now with the iOS 13 or later version we can easily connect the PS4 with iPhone or iPad. Finally, these devices now support PlayStation 4 and some models of Xbox one Controllers. It’s super easy to set up these controllers, too. Here’s what you need to do to connect your PS4 with an iPhone or iPad. Make sure it should update to iPhone 13 or later and iPad 13 or later.

    Open the Settings app on your iPhone. Locate the Bluetooth setting and turn it on, if it isn’t already turn on.

    While the Bluetooth menu is still open, grab your PS4 controller and make sure that it’s charged. Press the PlayStation button and the Share button simultaneously and hold them down for few seconds until the light on the back of your PS4 starts flashing.

    How to Connect PS4 to iPhone or iPad

    Now, once you Bluetooth start searching device, you should see PS4 “Wireless Controller” on your iPhone or iPad under other devices in the Bluetooth menu. Once you find it, click on it.

    Connect PS4 to laptop

    Check if your light on the back of your PS4 immediately switches to a reddish-pink color, it means that PS4 is connected with your device.  You can use now PS4 with your iPhone or iPad.

    How to Connect PS4 to Laptop

    Here we will guide you on how you can connect your PlayStation 4 to a computer using Sony’s Remote Play app. Once you connect your PS4 controllers to the computer with a USB cable, you can Remote Play to play your PS4 games on your computer’s monitor. Here’s what you need to do so:

    Steps-1: Locate to in a web browser. This remote play app is a free app offered by Sony. This app allows you to connect your PlayStation 4 to a Windows or macOS computer. Make sure that you have a strong internet connection (at least 15mb/s upload and download speed) in order to use the Remote Play app o your laptop.

    Steps-2:  Click Window PC or Mac and this will download the installer on your computer.

    Ps4 remote Play

    Steps-3: Find the Setup file on your computer, it may store in downloads. Double click the install file to start the installation process. During the installation process, you’ll need to choose a language and agree to the terms of service.

    How to Connect PS4 to

    Steps-4: Find the PS4 remote play app in the window. It has a blue icon with an image that resembles a PS4 controller. It may found in the Window Start menu or in the Application folder on Mac.


    Steps-5: Use a USB cable to connect your PS4 with your computer. Connect one end of a USB cable to the controllers and the other to an available USB port on the computer. Press the options button on the controller.


    Steps-6: Sign in to your PlayStation Network account with your email address and password associated with the PS4 network account in the remote play app. If you don’t have a PlayStation Network account, click Create an account and follow the on-screen instruction to create your new PSS network account.

    Play Station Network

    Steps-6: It may ask you to enter your PS4 passcode. If you have so you need to enter your passcode and after then you’ll be able to play your PS4 remotely on your laptop using the PS4 Remote Play App.

    Enter The passcode
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