How to Create a Pivot Table in Excel


    Creating a Pivot table in excel isn’t so much difficult but you need focus when you create a Pivot table on excel. Excel is a task where you need focus and experience, but we make sure that every article helps not only excel used to the user but it also assists beginners as well. Pivot table helps you lot in excel when it comes to data analysis and pivot tables can quickly answer many important business questions. In this article, we will teach you how to create a Pivot table in excel. We will make sure to present the simplest and the easiest explanation of what is a Pivot table and how you can create the best Pivot table in excel.  Read on:

    How to Create a Pivot Table in Excel

    What is Pivot Table?

    A Pivot Table is one of the basic data analysis tools which can help to reach any result or decision about something. One of the reasons we build a Pivot Table is to pass information. We would like to support our story with data that is easy to understand, and easy to use. Although Pivot tables are only tables and thus missing real visuals, they can still be considered as a means of Visual Storytelling.

    Why should you Use PivotTable?

    This is so simple; there are various benefits of building PivotTable in Excel.  PivotTable allows you to arrange a large amount of data. Unless you want to use the Microsoft Excel Power BI components in Excel, such as Power Pivot, Power Query, Power View, and Power Map, the standard PivotTable can help you to make send out of your data, quickly and easily, without yourself being a power user. They are that easy, they can be set up in minutes, using the PivotTable Wizard.

    Let’s see a Short & Easy catch to how to create a Pivot Table

    At the very first step, select any cell in the worksheet that contains the data you want to create the report on. Then under the insert tab click on the PivotTable button.

    What is Pivot Table?

    The PivotTable dialog box opens and the table or data range that we selected will show in that field. You can place this data in a new worksheet or in the existing one where you’ll need to select the location. We recommend you to put it in the new worksheet because it makes things less cluttered.

    What is Pivot Table

    The PivotTable Field list opens up and the PivotTable tools become available.

    Once you’ve entered data into your Excel worksheet, and sorted it to your liking, highlight the cells you’d like to summarize in a pivot table. Now select the file you want to include in the table by dragging them to the different boxes below. The table is built while dragging the fields into the boxes for Report Filer, Column, Labels, Row Labels, and Values. This will make your data flexible and let you move the data around so you can best organize it for your report.

    How to Create a Pivot Table in Excel

    You can also arrange the view of the Pivot Table Field list so it will work best for you.

    How to Create a Pivot Table in Excel

    While creating the PivotTable it’s fully functional so you can go through and test it out. See below how we can are filtering months.

    How to Create a Pivot Table in Excel

    Instead of having to hunt through a bunch of data in a large Spreadsheet, you can create a sorted PivotTable for better presentation.

    How to Create a Pivot Table in Excel

    Wrap Up

    This was an easy step to creating a PivotTable in excel; hope this will get you started building your own PivotTable. You can find a lot of other customization for more attractive layouts.

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