How to Add a Signature in Outlook

    Adding signature in Outlook email is easy and common especially in business environments. These signatures usually give information about the sender of the email, and it often contains details such as name, address, designation in the company, and more information. Want to add a signature in the Outlook for the window, Mac. Here is the guide to do so:

    How to Add a Signature in Outlook

    Add a Signature in Outlook for Window-

    Being a window user, probably window is your primary email client. This will help you a lot in managing multiple emails within a single app.

    Creating and adding a signature in the outlook for Window is much easy and you can create a separate signature for each mail. Go with the following steps:

    • Download the Outlook app on your PC.
    • Click on the File tab at the top of the screen
    • Click on the option to go-ahead
    • Click on Mail in the left sidebar to access your mail settings.
    • Find the section indicate compose messages. Under this section, find the button “Signature”. Click on it to open it.
    • Click on New and you can create a new signature in the app
    • Put the signature name here and click OK.
    • Choose your signature on the list and you will be able to edit it.

    You can use your signature with many formats available on this and you can also use images, logo, company card, brand logo as a signature in it. You can place your plain signature in the text and also add a handwritten signature in it by doing copy and paste.

    Signature in Outlook for Window

    In the Default Signature Section,

    • Choose an email account to associate with the signature. You can use multiple signatures for each mail account.
    • Select your signatures from the new messages menu if you want to apply the same signature on each of your new emails.
    • If you want your signature to appear in your messages (Reply to and Forward), so go to the Replies/ Forwards section, choose one of your signatures or you can select the default option.

    Once you are done, click OK.

    Add a Signature in Outlook for Mac

    Few Steps to Follow

    Adding a signature in Outlook for Mac is as simple as in Windows. It is a bit different because those options to do so appear on another menu.  In Outlook, it gives the same features and formats on mac as well.

    Follow These Steps-

    1. Click on Launchpad in the Dock, search for Outlook, and open it.
    2. Click on Outlook at top of the screen and select preferences.
    3. Click on signature in the Email section.
    4. Click on the Plus (+) icon in the edit signature box to add a new signature to Outlook.
    5. Here, you can type and format your signature. There is various style and option in Outlook to style your signature exactly the way you want.
    Signature in Outlook for Window Settings

    In the Default Signature Section, specify the email account that you want to use your new signature for. You can use it for your new email, and also if you want to include it in your replies and forwards.

    Adding Signature Manually to Each Email

    Outlook doesn’t add your new signature to the messages even if you choose to apply the signature to all new messages. You will have to add the signature here manually to this one message and afterward, all future messages will have the signature automatically.

    Want to Add the Signature Manually

    Select Signature from the messages menu and then pick the signature you just created.


    It is well and good to add a signature to Outlook emails. It presents your messages more professionally and it also good to secure email. Let us know what you think about it in the comments below.

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