How to Add Link to Instagram Story

    Don’t Know that “How to Add Link to Instagram Story”? Don’t worry we come with this article to let you know how you can handle adding links to the Instagram stories. Half of the generation is using Instagram for socializing. Many of them use this social media platform for personal, professional or some of them use this for officially. Instagram has a great scope in marketing for business purposes. As a marketing manager who uses Instagram to gown companies’ brands. Instagram is a great award for a social media marketer.

    Instagram is best for socializing and many people use this for publicity as well. You can increase you, followers, with some hacks and tips.  If you have over 10,000 followers or you’re a verified user, you have an incredibly effective tool at your disposal- the swipe up feature. This link enables you to post exciting regarding your services, product, or any event, and indicate others to “Swipe up for details.”

    What is the Instagram Swipe up Tool?

    Instagram’s great feature “Swipe up Tool” is the best way for the business and influencers to reach their audiences and get more followers by allowing them to add links directly to their Instagram stories. All viewers can swipe up on a story and can directly know more info about their story. Added link to the Instagram story directly takes you to a particular product, video, or anything without leaving the Instagram app or navigating back to a business’s bio. This is also a helpful and easy way to promote different types of content while providing powerful analytics to optimize posts.

    Instagram Story

    How to Add Link to Instagram Story

    Add Links

    Adding a link to your Instagram story isn’t difficult. It’s as simple as you post your story always. Don’t know “How to Post Instagram Story” don’t worry read our Article properly and you will get to know this. You just need to follow some steps mentioned below:

    1. Open your Instagram
    2. Choose the content you want to upload to your Instagram story, go to upload, and then click on the icon at the top right looks like a chain.
    3. Click “+URL” to add a link to a web page. If you want to link your story to IGTV video, you can IGTC video option instead.
    4. Type the URL into the text box. Click on Done.
    5. Once you are ready to post your story, click the “+Story” button appear at the bottom right of your story.
    6. Done! Your story has been published. You can see your story has a “See More” swipe uplink.

    How to Add Link to Instagram Bio

    Instagram Bio

    It’s easy to add a link to your Instagram bio but you should know that link in your bio won’t be clickable for the viewers. If anyone sees this link in bio or they want to access the link so they have to copy the link and go to the browser and paste the link there and can see the result. But still adding a link in your bio makes your profile more professional and trustworthy for your viewers and if they might be want to know more about you so they can use this link and visit your product or sites etc.

    1. Let’s see how we can add a link to the Instagram story.
    2. Open your Instagram app or on the web
    3. Visit your profile by tapping the person icon
    4. Tap “Edit Profile” at the bottom of the screen
    5. Write your Bio here
    6. Add a link to your website in the form of

    How to Add Instagram Story

    A short and easy way for our viewers about “How to Post Instagram Story”. Let’s see how to do so:

    1. Open the Instagram App
    2. Tab on Plus Button
    3. Tap on the Circle Button to take photos and hold to record a video.
    4. To add content from your gallery, swipe up on the screen or tab the photo icon.
    5. You can edit your content with Instagram inbuilt filters.
    6. Tap Done to save your story.
    7. Tap the Add Your Story Button to share your story.

    Couple of Swipe Up Instagram Example

    Instagram Example


    This is our guide about “How to Add Link to Instagram Story”. We would love to hear about how we did.

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