How to Block Website on Chrome

    Being a website developer, designer, or ordinary person who is pursuing any website course online and wants to explore the creativity and knowledge about the website. So this article is perfect for them. This website is also going to help more. For instance: you want to block a certain website on your work computer those distractions aren’t inhibiting your or your team’s productivity at work. Hence, whatever the reason, blocking a website on Google Chrome is a completely easy and simple process. Let’s go ahead and check out the whole procedure within simple steps:

    How to Block Website on Chrome
    • How to Block a Website on Google Chrome (Desktop)
    1. Search for the “Block Site” Extension on Google Chrome

    Go the or Chrome Web Store and search for the “Block Site” Chrome Extension and add to it on Chrome. You can find the more option on Google Chrome and so download as per your choice and trust. Once you choose the extension, you can download the extension or find the option “Add to Chrome” click on it and it will automatically download and it will officially be added to chrome.

    • Add Extension to Chrome

    Once you click on “Add to Chrome”, you can see a window appear that describes the extension’s main features. If you’re ok with your choice, click on “Add Extension” in the window to install the extension on your browser.

    Block Site On Chrome
    • Find for the Extension’s icon appear on the top-right hand corner of your browser screen. (See Image)

     Once you added the extension on your chrome, it will appear on the top-right hand corner of your browser (chrome). Check this to make sure that the extension has been installed on the chrome. It will look like the same as shown on the website or chrome web store (from where you downloaded it). 

    Block For Chrome

    Open the Website You Want to Block

    Hypothetically, you are planning to block any website on chrome which irritates you or your team’s while working. Simply go to the website, click that extension’s icon appear on chrome in the top right, and click “Block this Site.” Once you blocked the websites, you won’t be able to reach that particular website. You’ve successfully blocked the site. In case, you want to unblock the site, go the “edit your list” in the top right and then click on the “Edit block site list”. Each of your blocked websites will have a “minus” icon, click on the minus icon and your site will be unblocked.


    How to Block Website on Google Chrome (Android Mobile)

    If you often working on the web via Chrome on your android device, you might need to block the website for uninterrupted work or to increase productivity at all times of the day. Remember the block site extension on the web is also available as an app on the Google Play Store. Here’s you can see how to block site via mobile on Google Chrome:

    How To Block Apps & Sites
    1. Install the Block Site App from the Google Play Store

    Open the Google play store app on your android device and search the BlockSite app and download it.

    • Open the BlockSite App

    Once you downloaded the app, open the app on your phone.

    Block Site
    • Allow Permission

    Open the Block Site app on your phone and “Go to Settings” when prompted. It will take you the phone’s settings, and here you’ll need to enable the app for it to assume control of your browser and block the websites you want to.

    Find this app in the phone settings list and tap on it. You will either be prompted to “Enable” the app or “Use Service” Tapping on either option will activate the app for you.

    • Tap the green “+” icon to Block Your Website or App

    Once you enabled the block site app, return to the app and tap the green “+” icon on the bottom of your mobile screen. Here, a page will open you can block the website or app by searching the name in the search bar.

    • Tap the Checkmark to Finally Block the Website or App

    Enter the full URL of the website or app you want to block and you will see a green checkmark on your screen. Tap on it, you will have successfully blocked the website.

    On the next screen that appears, you will see an option to edit or remove websites and apps from your blocked list at any time.

    How to Block Website on Google Chrome without Extension

    Blocking website through Google Chrome is today’s scenario, but there is some uncommon but effective ways to block websites.  You can block any website on Google Chrome by creating a supervised user account on Google Chrome and then switching to the newly created user. Let’s see how to do so:

    • Visit Google Chrome>Settings>(using the three dots appear on the top-right)
    • Under the “People” you will find “Manage Other People”
    • Click on “Add Person” and fill out the name of the new user. Keep in mind to tick the “Supervise this person” box and then save the person.
    • Now go to and go to “Permissions” and click “Manage”
    • Add the website URL that you want to block..
    • Hence, you blocked the Website.
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