How to Call Private

    Want to make private calls? Various people want to show their number as private on calls but not on each number as they particularly want to do it. Whether you are calling from a mobile, phone, or landline, it is possible to make calls anonymously by masking your phone numbers when you call.  There are some ways to make your number private whenever you call someone. Let’s see how it is:

    How to Call Private

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    • Use an Online App
    • Use a Blocking Code Number before Dialing Number
    • Via Mobile Setting
    • Block Your Outbound Caller ID

    Use an Online App

    You can use an online app available on the Play Store easily to make your number private on phone calls. There is a lot of apps are available online. This app not only provides private number services but it also offers you to use a new number to make anonymous calls. This app gives you some number through that you can make calls through your phone via dialing the number on the app and the app shows the provided number rather than showing your number.

    Use an Online App

    Use a Blocking Code Number before Dialing Number

    To make an outgoing call with a hidden or private number on your mobile phone, dial the black code (*67) before dialing the phone number you wish to call.

    For Example:

    If you are dialing the number (Normal Phone Number- 9888888888 ) then with the blocking code it would be,


    • After Adding Code-*679888888888. Blocking code can be varying to the country.  Google blocking code and use it and if you couldn’t find the blocking code then there is surely blocking code is not using universally.
    • This code will not be work for emergency calls
    Use a Blocking Code Number before Dialing Number

    Via Mobile Setting

    You can also take the benefits of your phone setting to hide your number while making calls. Let’s see how?

    Go to the Phone App>Click Setting>Additional Setting> Click Caller ID> Click on Hide Number


    Note: This process can be varied depending on the phone model and software version on which it is running.

    Via Mobile Setting

    Block Your Outbound Caller ID

    If any of the above methods won’t work due to any reason, don’t worry here is another guide for you.  In this, you can block the outbound caller by turning it off on your phone’s call setting, setting it up in your phone management software if you are using a digital phone service.

    You can also block your number permanently on android, iPhones, and landline phones. However, you won’t permanently block your called ID because some people choose to set up the phones to automatically to block incoming private number.

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