How to Cancel Apple Music

    Cancel From an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

    1. Fire up your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
    2. Navigate to Settings > [your name] > iTunes & App Store. Tap your Apple ID.
    3. From the pop-up window, tap the link to View Apple ID.
    4. Enter your password or sign in with Touch ID or Face ID to authenticate your account.
    Apple Music

    • Scroll to the bottom of the Account Settings page and tap Subscriptions.
    • Tap the entry for Apple Music Membership. At the Edit Subscription screen, tap the Cancel Subscription button and confirm the cancellation.
    Apple Music

    • Free trials will end immediately. 
    •  Paid subscriptions will run until the end of your current billing cycle.
    • You can also opt to resubscribe should you change your mind, but your new subscription will begin at the start of the next billing cycle.

    Cancel From the Music App

    You can also cancel your subscription right from the Apple Music app.

    1. Open Apple Music on your iOS device.
    2. Tap the For You icon and then tap the profile icon in the upper right.
    Music App

    • At the Account page, tap the link for Manage Subscription.
    • You can then cancel or modify the subscription at the Edit Subscription page.

    Cancel Apple Music From an Android Device

    If you have an Android device, you can still cancel your Apple Music subscription from that device.

    Android Device

    1. Open the Apple Music app and tap the For You icon at the bottom.
    2. Then tap the three-dot settings icon in the upper-right corner and select Account > Manage Membership.
    3.  At the Manage Membership screen, tap Cancel Subscription and then confirm the cancellation.

    Cancel Apple Music Via iTunes on Your PC

    If you’re on a Windows PC or have not yet updated to Catalina on Mac, you can cancel your subscription from iTunes.

    1. Open the app and click Account menu > View My Account.

    • Enter your Apple ID password to view your account information.
    • Scroll to the bottom of your Account page.
    • Next to the setting for Subscriptions, click the Manage link.

    • Click the Edit link next to Apple Music Membership.

    • At the Edit Subscription page, click on the button to Cancel Subscription.
    • A message pops up asking you to confirm that you want to cancel your subscription.
    • Click the Confirm button.

    • Your subscription will stop at the end of your current billing cycle.
    • You’re still charged for the full 30 days, during which time Apple Music is still accessible.

    Cancel Apple Music Via macOS Catalina

    To cancel your Apple Music subscription from a Mac running macOS Catalina 

    1. Open System Preferences > Apple ID.
    Apple ID

    • At the Apple ID screen, click on the option for Media & Purchases.
    • Then click on the Manage button next to Subscriptions.

    • At the Subscriptions window, click on the Edit link next to the subscription for Apple Music.
    Apple Music

    • Click on the Cancel Subscription button. Confirm the cancellation and then click Done to close the subscription window.

    • On a Mac, you can also go through the App Store to cancel and otherwise manage your Apple Music subscription.
    • Open the App Store and click on your account name and image in the lower-left corner of the window.
    Apple Music
    • At your Account window, click on the link to View Information.
    • Sign in with your Apple ID password if prompted.
    • Scroll to the bottom of the Account Information screen to the Manage section.
    • Click on the Manage link next to Subscriptions.

    1. Click the Edit link next to your Apple Music subscription.
    2. At the next screen, click on the Cancel Subscription button and then confirm the cancellation.

    Cancel Apple Music Via Apple TV

    Apple Music is available on fourth-generation Apple TVs. To cancel your subscription from the media-streaming device follow these steps:

    1.  Navigate to Settings > Users and Accounts > [your account name] > Subscriptions > Apple Music Membership.
    Apple Music

    • At this screen, you can then cancel or change your subscription status.

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