How to Change Language on Facebook

    Facebook is available in different types of languages and the answer to “How to Change Language on Facebook” is easier. But when you create your account it always appears in the same language as the one you choose on your device’s language settings. Facebook always matches before set your languages such as dates, time, and numbers to your language region. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot “change the Facebook language”. You can change it easily with the help of this Article. Let’s go ahead:

    Note: Below mentioned instructions are viable for all devices on all platforms, exception is noted in the article.

    How to Change Language on Facebook

    1. Go to the Arrow option by clicking on the right side of the Facebook Menu Bar
    2. Choose Settings
    3. Select Language Settings
    4. In the Facebook Language section, click on edit
    5. Choose Language from “Show Facebook in this Language”
    6. Click on Save Changes

    How to Change Language on Android

    On your Android phone, you can change the Facebook language from the menu button.

    1. Go to the menu button
    2. Click on Settings & Privacy
    3. Select Language
    4. Choose your preferred language
    How to Change Language on Facebook

    Note: Above mentioned instruction do not apply to Facebook Lite.

    How to Change Language from News Feed

    1. Yes, you can also change your language from the News Feed.  Let’s See How?
    2. Go to Your News Feed
    3. Scroll down and you will see a box with a handful of languages on the right side of the screen.
    4. You can select the language listed in the box then click change language in the pop-up box.  Click on the + icon to see more languages.
    5. Select your preferred languages.


    If you change the language setting for your Facebook account will not change your computer, phone settings.

    How to Undo a Facebook Language

    If you changed your Facebook language in the wrong language and want to change in your back into it was. Then proceed:

    1. Go to the Language Settings
    2. Go to the Facebook Language section, select Edit {it will change the language in the current language that you set}
    3. Select language from the section “Show Facebook in this Language”
    4. Click on Save Changes to save the changes.

    Did You Know?

    Facebook available in more than 100 Languages

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