How to Clean Airpods

    Want to know, how to clean your AirPods safely. Let me help you with this. In today’s time, we know that most people using the AirPods for the best day to day use.  But in this entirely how much people aware that we also need to clean our AirPods for their longevity use without damaging them.  Airpods are best in use, fit perfectly in ears, designed as a handy everyday companion, and most probably stylish and enhance your style and attitude. It actually doesn’t matter that you’re using your AirPods in the gym, on your commute, or just too dull the noise of your coworkers- but if you are using your AirPods on daily basis and taking them with you to all sorts of public places, it’s not surprising that they surely picking up some dirt along the way. Generally, it’s not easy to clean every Airpods-after all, they all are not waterproof and they aren’t exactly cheap.

    How to Clean Airpods

    What is the Best Way to Clean Your Airpods?

    Apple Recommends-

    Apple always recommends their users on how to clean AirPods- Apple recommends that always use a soft, dry, and lint-free cloth to clean your Airpods, and a dry cotton swab to clean the gunk out of the speaker mesh. It’s important not to use any abrasive materials to buff away grime. But here we need to look at this also that what Apple recommends doing is a bit different from reality. Because usually gunk gets trapped inside AirPods and will continue to accumulate against the speaker mesh. If you carry your AirPods usually in your pocket or bag, the hinge will be filthy within a week. Both of these are hard to clean with just swabs and a cloth.

    What is the Best Way to Clean Your Airpods?

    Airpods Cleaning Methods at Home

    1. The other method to clean your AirPods is the Blu-tack method. You can use the blu-tack method to clean your pods easily at home, to do so, firstly take a piece of Blu-Tack, or a similar reusable easily available at home, and warn it up in your hands. Once it’s done press the blue-tack into the earbud speaker meshes, and then pull it out quickly. You need to repeat this process until you pull all the grime out of your Airpods.

    2. Second technique to clean your Airpods is to wipe down your Airpods with a soft-dry sponge, and then use a medium-or firm-bristled toothbrush to remove any embedded gunk.

    Airpods Cleaning Methods

    Clean Airpods with Online Cleaning Kit

    If you don’t want to take risks or don’t want to make effort so you can easily buy a cleaning kit for cleaning AirPods. These kits are easily available on Amazon, Flipk

    art, and more online portal and websites. When you purchase this type of kit you will surely get an instruction paper attached with products so you will be able to clean AirPods. The best benefit of buying such type of product from an online store is multipurpose. You can use these products to clean your other stuff as well such as charger, AirPods case and etc.

    Clean Airpods with Online Cleaning Kit

    How to clean AirPods’ charging case?

    To clean the charging case you can use a medium-or firm-bristle toothbrush as that’s the best way to get deep into the hinge area. You might want to moisten the brush to remove the really stubborn stuff. Apple always says you can “slightly dampen the cloth with 70% isopropyl alcohol” if you are struggling with stubborn stains, but it’s necessary not to get any liquid in the charging ports at the bottom of your case.

    How to clean AirPods’ charging case?
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