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    Generally, you cannot contact Facebook Team directly (via email or phone) but still, there are ways to contact them provided by the Facebook Community Help Centre itself.  Contacting the Facebook team ways is also depends on what is your issue or what you want to report.  For instance, if you want to have any query about login issues so you may have to contact them by some outside source such as a website, or if you want to report something about in Facebook so you can directly report them with the help of built-in resources.

    We teach you how to report something and the basics of navigating Facebook’s Help Center to troubleshoot common account problems.

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    Reporting a Problem on Facebook

    If you are using Facebook App on your phone then it will go so easy to report any problem on the app. We will guide how you can do this process easily.

    Facebook Lite

    Step-1  Open your Facebook Profile on the App

    How to Contact Facebook

    Step-2  Go to 3 Line icon show if you are using Facebook lite.

    How to Contact Facebook

    Step-3 Scroll down and select Report a Problem

    Report a Problem

    Step-4  Options will appear; choose as per your issue type

    Report a Problem

    Step-4  Explain the issue and Submit a Request


    Step-5  Once it will be added, Facebook Team will revert to you as soon as possible.

    Facebook App

    Step-1 Open your Facebook Profile on the App


    Step-2 Scroll to the down and tap Help & Support

    Help & Support

    Step-3 Tap Report a Problem > Continue to Report

    Help Center

    Step- 5 Select the Facebook feature you’re having a problem with, and then describe what happened.


    Report Problem on Facebook on Web

    Go to the browser and open www. It will bring you to the main login page. If you aren’t login already; login with your username and password.

    Log in

    Find the content such as post, comment, profile, picture, or ad that is a problem. Post and comment can be found in the news feed or in the post or profile of the person who posted them. If you want to report an image or video, click on the image or video to enlarge it.


    If you want to report someone’s profile or group, go to profile or click on the name of the profile image or group you want to report.


    Find the Click or Option to locate the Option for the following content types:

    Three Dots
    1. If you want to report a post; click on the button with the three dots above the post and to the right.
    2. If you want to report an image; click Options at the bottom-right of the image.
    3. If you want to report any video; click the video the enlarge it, and then click the button with three dots below the video and to the right.
    4. If you want to report about any profiles; click on profile, and then click the button with three dots in the upper right corner of their cover photo.
    5. If you want to report a group; click the name of the group and then tap on the button that says “More” below the group profile image.

    Hit the Option that says “Support” or “Report”. This option reads differently depending on the content you‘re reporting, but it’s normally a variation of Feedback and or Report


    Select the options that best describe the content you want to report.

    Hit the Send button and your feedback will send to Facebook.

    Alternative Options you can use

    These features help to protect your Account. Facebook doesn’t ask for all content, it can depend on the content you are reporting; you may be asked to submit a report to Facebook.

    Facebook Help Centre

    Open the browser and to the Facebook login by using the link and if you aren’t log in and login first with your Facebook account Username & Password.


    On the main page of the screen, you can see an option directly beneath the search bar. You can select them as per your issue and go ahead.


    There are major compartments according to the issues that arise in Facebook for the users. These major sections also have sub-sections directly related to your issues so you can easily identify your issue and select the right option for the rights to troubleshoot.

    There is another major section that says “Questions You May Have” and “Popular Topics” sections on this page so you can check them as well. This is basically for a lot of common issues and complaints. Both of these sections appear on the main page of the Facebook Help Centre Website.

    Let’s take an example to explain to you more briefly

    For instance: if you are having an issue with an imposter account, you’d select the “Policies and Reporting” section and then click the “Hacked and Fake Account”. Now you can see the image of the appearing pages what it looks like:

    Support inbox

    Now you can the pages and the appearing options more. You can select and go ahead. If you think that the account is troubling you, is a fake account that pretending to be something or someone that doesn’t exist. Go to the last section called “How do I report a fake account”. Here you can follow the instruction to report any fake account.

    See below in images.

    Fake Accounts

    Use the Search Bar

    Search Bar

    Facebook is a trust of millions of people and Facebook knows how to be with their users and how they can connect them by beating all the barriers. You can use the Facebook search bar option to find the correct troubleshoot for your issue.

    For example, you may not aware of the right word for your issue but you know what issue you are facing so you can type the major title of your issue such as if you are having an issue with the account that pretending to be you so this issue will be called ‘imposter account’, but you don’t know this name. But you know that this is a fake account so you can just type this fake account in the search bar and the related article will be appearing.  You can take the help of this article which can help you directly to solve your issues best.

    The search here only links to Facebook’s pre-written-articles-if you didn’t find the answer to a specific issue not covered in the Help Centre, scroll down and hit the button called Community Help to visit the Facebook Community Page.

    If you’re business page having an issue with ads on Facebook, don’t worry we have listed this solution so that you don’t need to go further.

    1. Click the Creating Ads or Managing Ads buttons
    2. Click Troubleshooting Your Ads and then select the relevant issue on the subsequent menu.
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