How to Create a Poll on Facebook


    Creating a Poll on Facebook is a great way of connecting with people, make decisions, know the different perspectives, and create some debates. Do you also want to ask a question to the Facebook audience? so run the Poll on Facebook and ready for the new answers. This article explains to you how you can run polls on Facebook and have great answers to what you ask!


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    How to Create Personal Poll on Facebook

    You cannot create a poll on Facebook via your timeline or News Feed. But still, we have got the best way for you to create a poll:

    You can create a poll on a personal page, at the moment, is via a Facebook Story. You can ask questions, customize the suggested answers, and then unleash the people to vote for their favorite option, but only in Facebook story.

    1. Open the Facebook App and tap on your profile.
    • Click Add to Story.
    • Swipe across at the top to Poll
    • Option will appear that says: ‘Ask a question…’ with Yes/No answers. Tap on each to customize.
    • Once you’re done, hit the Share to Story button.

    Note: If you don’t need to photo or video shared with your poll, if you don’t select one, you can select the colorful background.

    How to Create a Group Poll

    If you want to create a Poll on Facebook so you can do it by following a few steps. This process function is similar for every device such as phone, window, Facebook App, and Android device. It might the place of tabs very to devices.

    Note: This article covers only the Facebook App now, if you running Facebook lite or on chrome so might be tabs settled on different places.

    Let’s see how to do this

    1. Tap on the3 lines icon in the bottom of Facebook
    • Open the groups and select the groups.
    • Get started by clicking Write Something
    • Scroll drop-down and find select create a Poll.
    • Tap Ask something…and enter your question.
    • Tap + Add a Poll option to enter options for group members to select. Check before posting and allow members to add options or Allow people to choose multiple options.
    Poll Options
    • Now, if you cleared in everything, Hit Post.

    Your Poll will be live within seconds and everyone will be able to see your poll

    How to Create Poll on Facebook Page

    If you have a business or other pages on Facebook, you can still post a Poll on Facebook. This process is a little bit robust. To create a poll on Facebook, you’ll need to first be an admin or editor of the page, then again start by clicking Write a Post.

    To create a poll on the Facebook page:

    1. Click 3 dots in the bottom right of Facebook.
    Click 3 dots in the bottom right of Facebook
    • Click pages, and then select your page.
    • At the top of your page, click Publish
    Publishing Options
    • Scroll down and tap Poll
    News Feed
    • Type the question you want to ask from the audience.
    Ask Somethings
    • There is an option which says Option 1 and Option 2, enter the option for your poll here. You can type up to 25 characters for each option.
    • Next to Poll Ends, choose for how long time you want to run your polls. (Example: 1 day, 1 week, custom).
    • Check before publishing and then Hit Share.
    Boost Post

    Note: Remember always that Polls on Facebook aren’t eligible to be boosted.

    How to Create Poll on Facebook Messenger

    Creating a poll for your friends in Facebook messenger is as same as in Facebook App. It might just the vary of tabs appearing on apps. Let’s see how to do so:

    1. Open the group conversation on Facebook Messenger.
    Poll Messenger
    • Find the + Button at the bottom of the messenger window. You can find this option in the mobile app appearing four dots icon all the way to the left.
    How To
    • Click on the Create a Poll icon
    Poll Icon
    • Type a question in the Box says Ask a question
    Ask question
    • Choose the Add option to add poll choices.
    • Select create a poll to share the poll with your groups.

    Note: This option as per the Facebook messenger on chrome. On the app, some tab or option can appeared on vary places.


    Creating a Facebook poll is best option to connect with people and know their perspective and them as well. We explained you all the best method to do so. Let us know how we did.

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