How to Deactivate Facebook Account?

    Sometimes social networking can be a hassle with too many notifications and lots of time waste on scrolling newsfeeds until it repeats from yesterday. It can be very distracting during an important phase of life like exams or any other time. Many people seek solitude from the pressure these social networking websites make on our minds. Let’s follow the steps to know how to deactivate a Facebook account.

    Step 1

    Where is deactivate option in facebook

    Click the down arrow button shown in the picture marked by a red circle. It is the first button from the right of the Facebook page’s top bar.

    Step 2

    where is Settings option in facebook

    After clicking the arrow button list options will appear just as shown in the picture above. Click the “Settings” from the options.

    Step 3


    Now settings page will appear showing general settings on the right side of the page. On the left side, you will see the settings index to select from. Click “Your Facebook Information” from the left column.

    Step 4

    Your facebook Information

    Now on the right side, under the “Your Facebook information” page, you have some setting options. Click the “Deactivation and deletion” marked by a red circle.

    Step 5

    Deactivating or deleting your facebook account

    A small window of Deactivating or deleting your Facebook account will appear with two options. a) Deactivate Account, deactivating account is a temporary method to disable your account for a point of time which will allow you to continue using messenger but the profile will remove name and photos though you can rejoin again after login b) Permanently delete account, will completely delete your profile from the Facebook along with your messenger account and its messages as well.

    Select the preferred option by clicking on it.

    Step 6

    deactivating facebook account

    Now at the right side of the bottom of the page click “Continue to Account Deactivation”

    Step 7

    Deactivate facebook

    Now the deactivation window will appear. 

    • First, you will see the list of reasons for leaving. Facebook has an alternate option for each of these reasons but if the user still wants to continue and deactivate he/she can do by explaining their reasons further to help Facebook get better. 
    • Secondly, below the type space given under the list of reasons, there is a checkbox for “Email opt out” click it to stop emails from Facebook.
    • Click “Deactivate” button given at the bottom of the window.

    You will be logged out which means your Facebook account has been deactivated but if you tried to log in your account will be active again.

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