How to Delete Contacts on iPhone

    Learn about how to manage contacts on your iPhone. Whether you’d like to delete a single contact or delete all contacts associated with an email account, follow along so that you will know “how to delete contacts on iPhone”?


    Let’s Setup Your Contacts First

    Adding contacts on iPhone is as simple as you always do to save contacts on your android phone. But to prevent a lot of accidental activity Apple takes always cares and that’s why they offer their users to connect the contact with the email id so that if they accidentally delete the contacts directly from the iPhone’s contact list so they can easily recover the contact from the contact’s account.

    Setup Your Contacts
    1. Go to Setting>Password & Accounts
    2. Tap Add Account
    3. Click on your email account and turn on Contacts.
    4. Enter your information and password
    5. Tap Next

    Remove All Contact from an Account

    If you want to add or remove all contacts from an account that you’ve already set up you just need to do is “Turn Contacts on or off for that account”.


    How to Add Contacts to the Contact list

    1. Go to Home screen, tap Phone > Contacts.
    How to Add Contacts
    • Click+ Add Contact.
    Add Contacts
    • Enter contact information.
    • Click Save and Done.

    How to delete iPhone Contacts within a few steps

    1. Open the Contacts app or the phone app and click on contacts at the bottom.
    2. Choose the particular contact you want to delete
    3. Click Edit in the top right corner
    4. Scroll down to the bottom, tap Delete Contact, tap again to confirm.

    Take a Look at Images.

    Take a Look at Images

    Here’s how to delete multiple contacts:

    If you want to delete all contacts from your iPhone which is associated with your email account, but want to keep intact email connected.

    Go to Settings>Password & Account>Select Your Account>Toggle off Contacts

    You will be asked to confirm you want to delete the contacts from your iPhone. If due to some reason you have accidentally deleted contacts from an email account. You should reverse the above steps.

    Note: When you delete contacts on your iPhone, it permanently deletes the contacts from your device. But if you delete your contacts from your email account, contacts will be deleted from all devices associated with the same email account.

    How to delete iPhone Contact with App

    If you still facing any issues and cannot delete multiple contacts at once, don’t worry there is still hope you can still delete multiple contacts at once with the help of a third-party app. This app called “Contact Groups”. This contact group app offers a simple option that lets you select and delete multiple contacts from your contact list.

    This app includes the free and paid version so you can use it as per your needs. Like you can delete up to 10 contacts in the free version of this app so if you just need to delete up to 10 contacts then you can use the free version of this app. But if you want to delete more than 10 contacts then you can pay the subscription fee and use it. Let’s see how you can use it:

    1. Download the App and install it.
    • Grant permission to access contacts by tapping the “OK’ button.
    Don't Allow
    • Click the “Select” button from the top-left corner.
    • Scroll down and select the contacts you want to delete
    • Tap the Delete button.
    Delete button
    • Tap the Delete button again to confirm.
    Delete Contacts
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