How to Download Music

    Music Speaks When You Silent

    Music is not some chords, instrument or vocal only, it’s something that human can feel, listen and most importantly music helps to say a lot of things which human are afraid or cannot to say to someone, to their someone special such as mother, father, girlfriend, friend, and more people. Music plays a special role in our life, so don’t you think it should be free always. Let’s make this thing easy for the people who still don’t know how to download music on their phones easily or how to download music free.

    The Internet offers a lot of things and among them is free music. There is a lot of places where you can download music for free. For sure all is not legal. So if you are looking for the songs that can be availed safely and free of cost, we have handpicked the best places such as music websites, YouTube, and Google Play Store Apps

    Download Free Music from Websites

    Sound Cloud

    Sound Cloud is one of the popular music sites that allow you to download songs and stream unlimited music for free. Sound Cloud is also viewed as the best Spotify alternative where you can get online music without spending a single penny.

    Not all music at Sound Cloud is Free, and some of them even need subscription but this needs for some advanced version of services. Some of them even require you to like the Facebook page to get the tract download. But most of the songs can be downloaded by clicking the Free Download button right below the track.

    How to Download Music On Sound Cloud

    This is another popular and secure site that always allows you to download music for free. Here you can download most of the songs easily. The best part of this website that you can set the track quality in MB and download the songs. You can simply go to this website or name the song on Google and mentioned at last mrjatt and you will see a lot of options to download songs from the websites. Open the websites and you can see below the three-dot option in the right corner of the song play icon. Once you click on the three dots, the “Download” option will appear so just click on it and your song is getting downloading in your phone’s song playlist.

    How to Download Music Jatt Net

    Sound Click

    SoundClick is also the best place to download music for free directly from different artist’s websites. There is a various artist on the platform offering their music for free. You can also buy here licensed songs legally. After signing up on the websites you will be free to download the songs. This website might be a little cluttered and the UI isn’t that friendly, there are few cool features such as creating custom radio stations, interacting with other listeners on the forum, and reading more about your favorite SoundClick artist.

    Note: There are many sites available on the internet that can be used to download music. But what we mentioned is best and most probably easy to use.

    How to Download Music Tribler

    Download Song from YouTube

    This is the most common question and its answer is more common. But today there is something new or we can say, we will let you know how can download your YouTube music direct from the websites easily.

    How to Download Music & Video  ON Youtube

    Download Song in YouTube

    Here. Probably all know that whenever you play some videos or songs, the download options always appear on the track below. You can download those songs but it will only appear in the YouTube gallery, not in your phone’s gallery.

    Download YouTube Songs to Get into Your Phone’s Gallery

    No need to do a lot, just when you play a song on YouTube, click on the share song option and copy the link of the song and open your Google and search “” websites. On this website, you have to paste the same song link and you will see the song download option here with selecting the track quality.

    Unlimited Free Music on Google Play Store

    Just like other music websites, Google Play Store can be your best choice to enjoy free music and stream unlimited songs. This is a perfectly legal place to download your favorite song in your playlist. Many artists launch their songs freely on lots of platforms; Google’s no-cost offering is also a part of the same.

    Note: To use Google Play Store, you need to have an active Gmail account with an active payment mode connected to it to grab the freebies.

    How to Download Music Gaana

    What do you think? As we mentioned above the best and user-friendly option to download your favorite songs and listen offline. Except for the above, there are more options-website and apps available such as apple music, Spotify, Prime Music and etc., also provides free trials for listening and downloading songs; you can try them out as well.  Hope this article helps you the find one you are looking for. What you think about this article please let us know in the comment section below.

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