How to fix the Internet Connection Problems

    We all know Internet connectivity is a necessary requirement today for the digital world to perform its day to day tasks. Downtime can leave you stuck and it can be too bad if you are working and need to mail an urgent file. It is more critical for businesses as it can cause them a big loss because of disconnection. Let’s see what factors can responsible for internet disconnection. 

    Connectivity problems could be due to possible reasons

    1. Cable or DSL modem
    2. Wired/wireless router
    3. Network issue from ISP side
    4. Network Card
    1. Cable or DSL Modem

    Using any machines constantly will degrade its performance after a while. Similarly, when you leave your modem on for too long it is reasonable for it to act on such as getting overheated, also when your modem is working constantly for days it gets desynchronize slowly from the internet service provider causing the data it is receiving and sending to get corrupt, requiring to redo everything and causing low internet speed. If you are using a cable modem and it is having trouble maintaining a stable connection with the internet. Try restarting or rebooting your modem as it can fix the Internet connection problems, improve sluggish internet speed and resolve wireless issues.

    Caution! Do not reset the modem, always restart or reboot the modem. Know the difference. Resetting modem will default it to factory settings and it will not work until you configure it.

    Steps for How to Restart the Modem

    •  It is recommended that you power off your computer and other devices.
    • Turn off the cable modem by disconnecting the power cord from the back of the modem. It will turn off all the indicator lights. If it is not off then you must have disconnected another cord, reconnect it and disconnect the power cord.
    • Leave it unplugged for 1 minute or if the modem is overheating then let it be till its temperature gets normal and then plug it back into the modem.
    • It will take a few minutes to connect you will know when the modem indicator lights will stop flickering.
    • Turn on your devices and check if the internet connection issue is resolved.
    • Wired/Wireless Router

    Similarly, continuously working router can have its share of difficulties and troubles to provide you smooth and stable internet connection. If it is working as constantly as your modem or even if not, you would need to give your router a break when it is needed. Try to follow a similar procedure as given above to restart or reboot the modem for your router.

    Steps for How to Restart the Router

    •  Power off your computer and other devices.
    • Then turn off the router by disconnecting the power cord from the back of the modem. It will turn off all the indicator lights.
    • Leave it unplugged for 1 minute or if the router is overheating then let it be till its temperature gets normal. 
    • Plug the power cord back into the router.
    • It will take a few minutes to connect you will know when the indicator lights will stop flickering and will flash constantly indicating the steady connection.
    • Turn on your devices and check it your internet is working.
    • Network Issue from ISP side

    Sometimes going to all the resorts problem persists and mostly it happens that the problem is not in your devices but from the Internet Service provider. So, it would be a smart move to get this to confirm that the internet connection problem is not from their end. Sometimes they know your internet devices better, that telling them your problem may let you know the issue as they would know other possible reasons. They may suggest you something that might help you fix the internet connection or most of the time they come to resolve your problem if you ask them.

    • Network Issue from ISP side

    It can be a network card issue. Well, Network cards are usually inbuilt you can also install a network card in your computer during the modification. Hence, it is possible that the network card in your computer is experiencing issues maintaining a stable internet connection. If you have additional or self-installed network card then there are two possible areas where the problem might be occurring. Either it is with the installed Network card or its driver.

    Steps to Reseat the Network Card

    • Power off your computer and remove its power cord from the wall socket if you wish to not get electrocuted.
    • Open your computer CPU tower.
    • Now on the rare or backside of the tower from the inside, your internet card would have been attached to the PCI slot.
    • Remove it carefully and insert the network card back into the same slot firmly, you can brush off the dust if you notice any before inserting.
    • Make sure that the network card is firmly fixed there, and then close the computer.
    • When it is assembled. Power on your computer and try connecting with the internet.

    If the problem persists then try to reinstall your network card driver.

    Steps to Reinstall Network Card Drivers

    • Right-click on the windows icon in the down-left corner of the screen.
    • Click Device Manager from the list of options.
    • The device manager window will open with a list of devices of your computer.
    • Click the plus sign or the arrow before “Network adapters” to make it expand for devices under it. If you have only one network card it will show only that device.
    • Right-click on the device to get more options.
    • Click “uninstall” from the list of options.
    • Now right-click again on the same device to get options.
    • Click “install” from the options. Your operating system will detect the driver automatically and install it.

    Hopefully, the article has assisted you to resolve your query. You can write to us if you need help with any particular technical issues or if our articles are inadequate to resolve your problem. addresses all categories of technical difficulties. If our articles are inadequate to resolve your problem. So, 24×7 available call and chat support services provide instant solutions to your technical issues. 

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