How to Install and Setup Webcam

    A webcam is a small camera that is either inbuilt on the top of the monitor or connected to the top of your computer desktop or laptop. It feeds or streams captured still pictures and moving videos on the internet in real-time from your computer with the help of webcam software. Webcams enable users to record and stream video on the internet. It is also used in video chat sessions or video conferences with two or more users. Let’s learn the steps for installing and setting up the webcam.

    Steps for how to install and Set-up the webcam.

    • Attach the webcam to your computer.
    • Plug the webcam’s USB cable into one of the working USB port of the computer or laptop. And attach the webcam with a clip on your monitor.
    • Mac users would need a USB to USB-C adapter for a normal webcam. 
    • Be sure about plugging the webcam directly into your computer and not in a USB hub.
    • Install the webcam software.
      • Your webcam may have come with a required software CD to run the program. You can run or play the CD to begin the program installation process.
      • I personally prefer downloading the software directly from the website of the webcam company to get the latest software and drivers for the webcam.
    • You can go to the website of the webcam
    • Go to their support page or search for the software or driver of your webcam model.
    • Their support page will definitely have the required software and drivers for their products. Select the one suitable for your operating system.
    • Run the software file once it’s downloaded.
      • A pop-up will appear when your file will be downloaded, click “Run”. If not click the downloaded file and then after some processing, your pop-up will appear to ask your permission to run the file.
      •  Another pop-up will appear, asking for your permission for allowing the software to make some changes in your system. Click “Yes”.
      • The software window will appear and ask for your preferences such as language, followed by a few other preference windows, pay attention to the windows for the setup process.
      • At last a window will appear with the “Install” button, click it and wait for the webcam to finish the installation process.
      • Once it’s done the software window will start showing what your camera sees set it to get the right frame and it’s done.
      • You can adjust your camera settings according to your preference such as contrast, brightness, etc. 

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