How to Install Kodi on Firestick

    Don’t stop yourself from watching movies, Songs, TV Shows, and more; just download the Kodi on Firestick and watch your show you just think about.

    Streaming online movies show fans are probably familiar with Kodi- This platform deserved a reputation for pirated content and the occasional piece of malware and this entirely possible to use for legitimate purposes. This platform allows you to organize your own library and install a variety of unconditional add-ons. The Fire TV Stick can be your best free time partner or while you are refreshing yourself or taking a rest at your bed. This gadget combines amazing value with great usability.

    While installing Kodi is not easy to install for every system. If you’re wondering how to install Kodi in Amazon Fire TV platforms, then stay here. Installing Kodi is simple to install on a Laptop, getting it onto one of the best streaming devices is somewhat tougher. You don’t have to root your device, and you complete the whole process within a few minutes.

    1. On your Device; Go to Settings>Device>Developer options
    How to Use Kodi Device
    • Enable Apps setting from Unknown Source

    Note: (Keep in mind allowing third-party apps could cause your device to malfunction and third-party apps can be a sizeable security risk.)

    • Go to the Amazon App Store and Download the “Downloader App” from Amazon App Store.
    • Once it’s downloaded, go to the Downloader App and Search the URL is is our recommendation but you can use other sources as well.
    • Selecting the Android App for Kodi will work just fine.
    Kodi Tv
    • We recommend you to choose 32-bit installation because this version of the app works best. You can choose as per your choice as well.
    Kodi Download
    • Click Install and Review the Permission
    Kodi Install
    • Customize Kodi Settings as Per Your Choice

    You can customize the Kodi and use it as you prefer. Now you can share your media libraries, install add-ons. 

    How to Install Kodi on Amazon Fire TV with an Android Device

    The first 3 Steps will be the same as mentioned above:

    Kodi Setup
    1. Go to the Amazon App Store and Download the “Downloader App” from Amazon App Store.
    2. Once it’s downloaded, go to the Downloader App and Search the URL is is our recommendation but you can use other sources as well.
    3. Selecting the Android App for Kodi will work just fine.
    4. Head to Google Play Store and Download Apps 2 Fire and Kodi
    5. Open Apps 2 Fire and enter the IP address of your Fire TV Stick from earlier and click save. Don’t know the IP address of your Amazon Fire TV Stick so read below after the instruction ends.
    6. In Apps 2 Fire, find Kodi in the Local Apps folder and tap Install
    7. After the installation has been done, run Kodi from your Amazon Fire TV Stick from the “Your Apps & Games” menu.

    How to Know the IP Address of Amazon Fire TV Stick

    New Interface (Software v5.2.4.0 and newer)

    1. Go to the Setting from Fire TV device’s home screen
    Kodi Settings
    • Scroll down and select Device
    Kodi Settings
    • Next, select “About”
    Kodi About
    • Scroll down to “Network”. Your Fire TV device’s IP Address is listed on the top right.

    Old Interface (v5.2.2.0 and older)

    1. Go to Setting Go to the Setting from Fire TV device’s home screen
    • Scroll down and select System
    Settings Kodi
    • Go ahead and select “About”
    Go ahead Kodi Settings
    • Scroll down to Network. You’re Fire TV or Fire TV Stick’s IP Address will be listed on the first line.
    Go ahead Kodi Settings

    How to Install Kodi on Window

    Window 10

    Download the official version of Kodi from the Microsoft Store. Here is how you can do that:

    1. Click the Cortana search button and type in Kodi
    window 10
    • Kodi icon will show up on the search results in ‘start” as the “Trusted Microsoft App”. Click the Kodi icon.
    Kodi Icon
    • Click Get or Download button
    • Now the download process starts, it hardly takes a few minutes.
    • Now you can see installed Kodi on your Window 10 PC

    For Window 8.1 & Older

    If you are using Windows 8.1 or an older version of the window still you can download “Kodi directly from the official website

    1. Go to the website and when you are on the home page, click Download and go to Down and find the logos of supported devices or platforms
    2. Click the window logo
    3. Make sure you already selected the Recommended tab on the next window
    4. Choose installer 64 or 32 Bit as per your computer supports.

    How to Install Kodi on your iPhone and iPad

    We have two methods to install the Kodi app on iPhone and iPad

    Download Kodi with TweakBox App

    Note: TweakBox enables ads on its app, as does the Kodi app you’ll download from it.

    1. Open your iOS device and go to Safari and search
    2. Download the app and allow the site to show you a configuration profile.
    3. Install profile and select install again. Now it shows up on your home screen.
    4. Open the TweakBox app and go to APPS >Select TweakBox Apps under Categories.
    5. Search for Kodi in the search bar and install Kodi.
    6. Note: Before opening the Kodi app, go to settings>General>Profile and Device Management.
    7. Go to under Enterprise App and click Trust
    8. Tap on Trust again and Kodi should now be on your home screen and it’s ready to use.

    How to Install Kodi on Firestick TV using Mac

    If you have Mac then still you can intall Kodi on Firestick TV using mac

    1. On your FireStick screen, go to setting>system>developer options and enable App from unknown sources and ADB Debugging.
    2. Come back to system and go to System>About>Network and you will see the IP address . Note down the IP address you will need it later.
    3. Go to Download AdbLink for OS X page and Start download.
    4. Next, go to and download the ARM file under android icon.
    5. Launch AdbLink on Mac>Click on New Button
    6. In the Description Box, enter FireStick.
    7. Here, in the address bar you will be asked to enter the IP address of your FireStick.
    8. Click Save and under Current Device, Select FireStick>Tap Connect
    9. Click on Install APK Button
    10. Find the Kodi APK installation file you just downloaded.
    11. It’ll ask your confirmation; click Yes to allow adbLink to install Kodi on FireStick.
    12. Go to Home>Apps>Kodi> to launch Kodi on your Fire TV Stick Device
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