How to Merge Cells in Excel


    This page illustrates how to merge the selected excel sheet into one cell. As we all know we use excel usually on a daily basis if we are working in some professional environment.  This article is going to help the beginner of excel users to know how to merge cells into one large cell and make your sheet more attractive and they can do hassle-free work on excel. There are various ways to merge cells in excel. One of the best ways to merge cells through the Merge & Center option in the Home Tab.

    Merging cells in completely easy and here we are going to do elaborate it with a few steps:

    Following Steps:

    1. Select the Cells to Merge
    How to Merge Cells in Excel
    • On the Home tab, click Merge & Center Option
    Where is  Merge & Center Option

    Note: This merge cells way can be useful if you merge cells when there is no other text in the merging other cells. Because when you merge multiple cells, the content of only one cell(the upper-left cell or the upper-right cell) appear in the merged cells. The content of the other cells that you merge will be deleted.

    Excels warns you before happens, if you try and merge cells that have text in it, it shows a warning pop-up letting you know of this. (See Image)

    How to Merge and Unmerge Cells in Excel

    Go ahead and Press OK, selected cells will get merge and keep the text from the leftmost cell only.

    How to Merge Cells in Excel Table

    Merge Multiple Cells along with the Text

    If you want to merge multiple cells along with text or don’t want to lose text while merging cells, you can use the CONCATENATE formula to do so. Let’s see how to do this,

    Here we are combining the two cells (A1 and B1) and you have to enter the formula in the C1 cell such as:

    = CONCATENATE (A1,B1) and press enter.

    How to Merge Cell in Excel with Data

    Now you can see both the A1 AND B1 cells are merged along with the text.

    How to Merge Cell in Excel Sheet

    Content appears is in a different cell (C1). So you may want to copy it (as values) in the cell which you want to merge.

    How to Unmerge Cells

    Learn about how to unmerge cells in excels. Let’s go ahead:

    • Select the Merge & Center down arrow
    • Select Unmerge cells

    After merging cells, you can easily split the merged cell into the separate cells again. If you want to find the merged cells, you can use the Find option to quickly locate merged cells.

    How to Split Cells in Excel

    You might be in situation where you need to split cell in excel. So this guide will help you surely. Actually, you can’t split a cell into two smaller cells within a single column. Instead, you can create a new column next to the column that has the cell you want to split and then split the cell. You can split the content of a cell into multiple adjacent cells.

    Split cells in excels can be used-if you get data from a database or you copy it from the internet or get it from a colleague.

    Excel for Microsoft 365 Excel 2019 Excel 2016 Excel 2013

    Let’s Start

    Split the Content from one cell into two or more cells


    Excel for the web doesn’t have the Text to Column Wizard. Instead, you can split text into different column with functions.

    • Select the cells whose content you want to split
    How to Unmerge Cells
    • On the Data Tab, in the data tools group, click on Text to Columns. The convert text to Column Wizard Opens.
    How to Split Cells in Excel
    • Select Delimited, if it is not selected, and click on Next
    • Choose the delimiter to indicate the places where you want to split the cell content. The data preview option shows you what your content would look like. Click Next
    • On the data format area, select the data format for the new columns. By default, the columns have the same data format as the original cell. Click Finish.

    How to Add Drop down List in Excel

    You can work more efficiently in worksheets by using a drop-down list in cells. Drop-down assist you to add or remove the data directly from the list you created.

    To do so, execute some basic steps to know more:

    • Select the cell in the worksheet where you want the drop-down list
    • Go to data tab, then Data Validation
    • In the setting tab, on the allow box, click on List
    • Click on the Source Box, and then select the list range.
    • If it is OK for people to leave the cell blank, then click on the Ignore Blank box.

    In new worksheets, add the entries you want to appear in your drop-down list. Ideally, you will have your list items in an excel table.

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