How to Record a Phone Call on iPhone

    Apple develops its own software and hardware for iPhone but still, Apple didn’t develop the voice recorder for any uses. Normally, we cannot record the call for any of our purposes on the iPhone because there is no feature available like this, but still, we can record voice by some app and hacks.

    How to Record a Phone Call on iPhone

    First, it’s necessary to know the local rules and guidelines whenever it comes to record a call or voice of anyone with a concern or without concern:

    Before proceeding on how to do this, we should know that recording a voice is legal or illegal. Recording a voice is surely varied by country.  Let’s consider some basic laws and instructions over recording a voice call.

    • If you are an active participant in the call, you’ve got a good chance that it’s legal. If you’re not. It’s almost illegal.
    • Recording voice has been divided into the section of law between consent: one-party and two-party.
    • One Party Consent- It means as long as you are on the call you can record the call. (Most US Sates require one-party consent)
    • Two-Party Consent- It means that everyone on the call must approve of the recording, whether it’s two, three, or more people on the call. (There are Several Most US Sates require two-party consent).
    • Note: Research your local laws.
    • There is also a penalty for not complying with the law varies, ranging from civil to criminal litigation.

    Hence, we are good to go ahead with keeping in mind the points and consent of people who are being recorded.

    Easiest Way to Record Phone Call

    You can record outgoing and incoming calls on your iPhone easily with an app available at the online store. But as we all know that Apple doesn’t allow third-party apps to record calls on your device. Still, this app can help you to record calls on the iPhone.

    Rev call recorder can help iPhone users to record a voice call on the iPhone. This app is a highly rated app and the best view on the online store and easily available. The best part of this app is the cost-free app, here are also charges to use advanced features of this app. You can pay for the optional service of having a recording transcribed. This app features a new outgoing call flow that makes recording easier. To record calls, you need to simply enter the phone number you want to call and start recording. You can also download the audio file and can use it in a good or legal way. It also offers a call recording notification for outgoing calls. If you are looking for the best and free call recording app there this is the best one.

    New Call Recorder App:

    Another Hack to Record call on iPhone

    Let’s see how?

    You can also record calls without having an app on your iPhone. Whenever you need to record the call, put your call on speaker and at the same time, keeps another android phone next to iPhone and start recorder feature of the android phone and can record your call easily.

    How To Record Call On Iphone
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