How to Save Videos From Twitter

    Millions of people are using Twitter and it’s growing vastly in our society as a trend. Different types of content are uploading on daily basis on Twitter whether it is related to profession, personal, or something else. We can easily download the images from Twitter but it’s a little bit complicated when it comes to “download videos from Twitter” or “save videos from Twitter” so that we can watch them offline anywhere-anytime. Don’t worry we are going to cover this most common question “How to Save Videos from Twitter” within the easiest steps for you.

    How to Save Videos From Twitter

    Let’s how we can do this:

    How to Save Videos from Twitter from Web Browser

    Video Downloader
    1. Go to your browser and open
    2. Find the video you want to save. For instance, we want to save a random video filmed outside the Apple Store.
    3. Copy link address from the menu
    4. Go to and paste the copied link here
    5. Choose video quality as per your choice.
    6. Right-click on the green button in the box below
    7. You can rename the video using the browser’s dialog box and clicks save.

    How to Download Videos from Twitter from App on iPhone or iPad

    Don’t think about “How to Save Videos from Twitter from App”. Yes, you can also download the Twitter videos from an app on your iPhone, iPad. Let’s see how to do so:

    Download Videos
    1. Download the free app, Document by Readdle, from the Apple Store onto your iPhone or iPad.
    2. Open the Twitter app and search for the video you’d like to save with Tweet.
    3. Tap on the tweet so it fills the entire display. Click on the share button icon on the bottom right of your screen.
    4. Select ‘Share Tweet Via’
    5. Copy Link
    6. Open the app and click the compass icon on the lower right to launch the browser.
    7. Go to the site in the search bar. Double-tap the ‘Enter Video Link’ field and tap paste to paste the video link. Click download.
    8. Select the video quality as per your preference.
    9. Rename the video file and select done.

    Android App for Download the Videos from Twitter

    Now the things are going a little easier for Android users. Thanks to Download Twitter Videos app. Let’s see how you can download videos from Android Phone

    1. Download the App on your Android Phone
    2. Tap the share icon before tapping download Twitter.
    3. Now click on the download button and you will be asked to select the version of the video you want to download. Select and click download and your video will start downloading.



    SaveTweetVid is an online Twitter video downloader. You can use it to download any images, audio files, videos, GIFs, and more that you find on Twitter. If you want to download the video that’s included in a tweet. You will need to know the URL of the tweet in question.

    Open the tweet, highlighted the URL in the search bar, and either right-click and select “Copy’. Go to the SaveTweetVid and paste the URL and press enter. Here, you can see the list of possible searches and you can download the videos.

    This online Twitter video downloader is very much effective and best for desktop users because they cannot install any app or program in the desktop so this will help them so much.

    What do You say? Hope you paid attention to this article and this will surely help you. We try to cover most of the questions and queries but if still there is something that needs to add please let us know.

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