How to Split Screen on Mac

    In this article, we are going to cover the exciting function “How to Split Screen on Mac” you can use on a mac. But still millions of people don’t know about what is split-screen or how to use split-screen or what is benefits of split-screen.  Let me elaborate this for you so that when you next time uses your mac you can probably use it.

    How to Split Screen on Mac

    What is Split Screen?

    Split screen is referred to as play two tabs or apps play at the same time on your device, instead of jumping back and forth between tabs. You can use split-screen to have two or more sections, each with their own set of information. You can advantage for smooth and quick working on mac without having a multi-screen.

    How to Split Screen on Mac

    1. Go to your mac screen and open the two or more windows, apps, documents, browsers- whatever you want to pair at one screen.
    2. Select the first window and see at the top of your screen you can see there three color dots: Red, Yellow, and Green.
    3. Fly your cursor to the green dot; it controls how much you want to expand the screen.
    4. Click on this green dot and hold down and a list of options will appear: Enter Full Screen> Tile Window to Left of Screen and Tile Window to Right of Screen.
    5. You can select either the options and the window will fill that part of your display.
    6. Now you can see the first screen done with the selected window, app, or something else you selected in the first step.
    7. Click on the thumbnail of any other open window on the second side.
    8. Select the other window that you want to display in a split view.

    Note: In the new version of macOS, it’s easier to split-screen. There is an option is now available called Split View that anyone with an Updated Mac can use to split screen on macOS.

    How to Adjust Split Screen View

    1. You can adjust your split view as you needed. Let’s see how to do so:

    2. Click and hold on the black divider and slide it left or right to adjust each portion of the screen.

    3. Click and hold on the app’s title bar and drag it over to the opposite side, and the window will automatically switch places.

    Note: Adjusting a split view is possible for a larger web page in case you need extra space or if your project is presenting with an odd design. 

    How to Exit Split View

    Simple you can press ESC on the keyboard and this will turn back your both windows to their original state.

    Split View Options

    Click and hold “Alt” and hit the green button in a window’s top-left corner, and here you will get three new options: Zoom, Move Window to the left side of the screen, and go with window to the right side of the screen.

    What is the Shortcut for Split Screen on Mac?

    1. Click on the special green button in the top left corner of any window.
    2. Hold the green button and drag the window to the screen’s left or right.

    Split Screen is not working on any Mac?

    If the split screen is not working on you Mac then-

    1. Go to the Apple menu
    2. Click on System Preference
    3. Mission Control
    4. Checks the box next to display has separate spaces.

    If still split view is not working then make sure about your mac version or might be there is problem in your operating system.

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