How to Type Underscore

    What is Underscore?

    An underscore is a symbol that looks like “_” a long hyphen positioned at the bottom of the line. If you’ve wondered what the same of this symbol is, you know probably: it’s called underscore.  It might be that you usually not use it but this symbol most works when you write an email or when you deal with computer code. You can underline text, but that is different from using an underscore as a character on its own.

    You can easily type underscore on mac and Windows computers, press the “Shift” and “hyphen” key simultaneously to type an underscore. The underscore symbol shares a key with the hyphen symbol, and you can find it to the right of the “0” key on the row above the letters. 

    What does underscore mean?

    Underscore refers to draw special attention to a fact, ideal, or situation, etc. In simple words, if you are writing something and you want to highlight the word or want to reader’s attention to it so you’d use underscore. Moreover, underscore means to “to underline”, or draw a line beneath a word to emphasize it.

    As we also mentioning underscore means attention and you can easily understand its meaning through some synonymous:

    Words for underscore,

    Emphasize, highlight, underline, point up, important, mark, stress, emphasize, and heighten.

    How to do underscore on an iPhone

    Open your iPhone and open the keyboard on screen. First, tap the number key (123), and then the symbol key, then you can tap the underscore.). To come back on the normal keyboard press ABC.

    Note: Tyr tapping and holding other symbol keys.

    How to do underscore on Mobile

    How to type an underscore on Android Phone touch keyboard-unblock your phone and touch envelope icon to write a message.  Create a new message icon and touch the enter message box to write a message. Touch the 123Sym key from the keyboard. Then you will see the underscore key on your mobile phone keyboard.

    How to do underscore on Mac

    Underscore uses depends on your keyboard as well. But on a Standard English keyboard, there should be a key that has the hyphen as the main character, and an underscore as the shifted character.

    Press Shift (the long key above the arrow keys) and then the hyphen key (between the 0 and the =sign), while the shift is pressed, and you can get an underscore.

    How to do underscore in excel formula

    1.            In the Advanced Find and Replace pane, go to the Replace tab, and

    2.            Find the box, please type a space

    3.            In the Replace with box, type underscores or comma as you need.

    Add underscore in between letter and number

    You need to enter the formula in a cell adjacent to the top-mode code…then copy the formula down by clicking the title black square at the bottom right corner of the cell with the formula in it. This will create the new code with the underscore in each cell below.

    After then, select this new column, copy it. Go to the old column and go to Edit|Paste special and select values. For example-





    02_A etc…

    How to do underscore on Microsoft Word

    Learn how to do underscore a text in Microsoft word. You can do it easily with the help of basic steps. Putting underscore is quite simple in MS word. You can use underscore in Microsoft word to highlight the content and bring the reader’s attention towards any important factors.

    1. Select the text you want to underscore or underline.

    Type the text in word and drag the cursor, or double-clicking a single line of text, if you want to select the complete sentence.

    • Find the Font options

    In Microsoft Word, you need to find the Font tab to find the group of options that includes italicizing, bolding, and underlining. Go to Home>Font tab

    • Do Underscore

    Once you select the text on which you want to underline, now go to Home>Underline(U) or you can press Ctrl +U.

    • Now you can see the underline on the selected text.

    How To Type Underscore In Keyboard

    Here is an overview of a computer keyboard with the underscore key highlighted in blue.

    How To Type Underscore In Keyboard

    In order to type underscore in your keyboard hold down the Shift Key and press the Hyphen Key along with it. The Hyphen key is located between the’ 0 ‘and ’ = ‘ keys.

    underscore keyboard shortcut

    Use Of Underscore

    • The underscore is commonly used as an alternative to the space key when a space is not allowed.
    •  For example, in computer programming, a variable may be named ‘hello_variable’, using an underscore instead of a space because spaces are not permitted in a variable name.

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