What is Norton ?

    Norton is a security-technology software or an app that can help to catch, block, defend the online threats which can be infectious to your devices such as smartphones, computers, tablets in order to protect you and your family when working online.

    It is developed and distributed by Symantec Corporation since 1991 which is a part of its Norton family of computers security product.

    Developed by: NortonLifeLOck.

    Operating system: Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux.

    How Norton works?

    It aids you by providing flooded solutions, keeping you cyber safe.

    It uses a multifarious defences to fight against various viruses and malwares.

    • It analysis all the informations to detect the possible threats from the different networks before it may damage your device
    • It scans all the files getting into your device
    • Protect from zero day attacks that may create issues to the operating system of the pcs
    • Helps to detect and remove high risk applications
    • Uses artificial technologies to understand the behaviour and attributes of the applications and also helps in classifying them.

    Types of norton Version Available

    Norton security is replaced by the new Norton 360 with the intention to improve its security product offer portfolio so that one could get privacy and identity theft protection coverage, while making one’s selection in an easier and quicker way. Therefore this following edition has come up.

    Norton 360 has 5 editions –

    • Norton 360 Standard,
    • Norton 360 Deluxe,
    • Norton 360 with Life Lock Select,
    • Norton 360 with Life Lock Advantage,
    • Norton 360 with Life Lock Ultimate Plus

    Know it better with its Differences, benefits and features:

    Smart Firewall helps to monitor the communication between your computer and the other computers on the Internet, protecting your computer from common security problems. When the Smart Firewall is turned off then the computer is no more protected from Internet threats and security risks.

    Benefits and featuresNorton 360 standardNorton 360 DeluxeNorton 360 with Life Lock SelectNorton 360 360 with Life Lock AdvantageNorton 360 360 with Life Lock Ultimate Plus
    Number of devices that can be accessed1 mobile, pc, macUp to 5 mobile, pc, macUp to 5 mobile, pc, macUp to 10 mobile, pc, macUnlimited mobile, pc, mac
    Automatic backup10 GB cloud storage50 GB cloud storage100 GB cloud storage250 GB cloud storage500 GB cloud storage
    Password manager √√ √ √ √ 
    Device security √ √ √ √ √
    Smart firewell √ √ √  √
    VPP √ √ √ √ √
    PRIVACY √ √ √ √ √
    VPN/ WiFi privacy1 mobile, pc, macUp to 5 mobile, pc, macUp to 5 mobile, pc, macUp to 10 mobile, pc, macUnlimited mobile, pc, mac
    Webcam security √ √ √ √ √
    IDENTITY √ √ √ √ √
    Family safety º √ √ √ √
    Lost wallet protection ºº √ √ √
    Life Lock identity alert system º º √ √ √
    Dark web monitoring √ √ √ √ √
    Credit monitoring ºº1 bureau1 bureau3 bureau
    Court recording scanningºº  º √ √

    VPP Virus Protection Promise includes a virus removal service provided by a Norton expert

    Norton Secure VPN claims to protect the device with “bank-grade encryption” which is practically unhackable and hence mostly used by banks and many government bodies. 

    Lost wallet protection means to give protection against spyware, and SafeCam and specifically blocks unauthorized webcam access to your PC. A stolen wallet could mean a stolen identity.

    Through the Life Lock Identity Alert™ System, one can monitor for use of your stolen wallet could mean a stolen identity which can be locked.

    Dark Web Monitoring which is also known as cyber monitoring, is a kind of service that helps to monitor for use of your personal information on hard to find dark websites and forums. When it detects your information on the dark web it notifies you.      

    Credit Monitoring helps to monitor the key changes to your credit with a leading credit bureau, and alerts you to help you to find and detect fraud.

    Life Lock scans court records for activities that matches your personal information. Matches could result from a data entry error, or someone using your identity as an alias in order to avoid arrest.

    Which norton 360 product is right for your access?

    You should go for Norton 360 Standard:

     if you were using:

    • Norton AntiVirus Basic
    • Norton Security Standard
    • Need to protect 1 device only

    You should go for Norton 360 deluxe:

     if you were using:

    • Norton Security Deluxe
    • Norton Security Deluxe + Norton Secure VPN
    • Norton Security Premium
    • Need to protect up to 5 devices

    You should go for Norton 360 with Life Lock Select:

     if you were using:

    • Norton Security Premium
    • Need to backup files on your PC
    • Need to protect up to 5 devices
    • Need Identity Theft Protection

    You should go for Norton 360 with Life Lock Advantage:

     if you were using:

    • Norton Security Premium
    • Need to backup files on your PC
    • Need to protect up to 10 devices
    • Need Identity Theft Protection

    How to know if your device is under malware attack?

    Many malwares announces their being by displaying on the screen where as some of thwm in today’s world of technology, it hids themselves in your devices where you fail to understand its presence.

    Some malware infections are as follows:

    • Device slowing down.
    • Glitch effects and pop-up windows while surfing.
    • Suspicious mails to people without your notice.
    • Quick battery drainage and text messages send to people without your knowing concern.
    • Data usage spike.

    How to install and uninstall Norton 360?

    Installing :

    Installing the software onto the first device, or an additional one.

    • Log in to your Norton account by visiting the page link:
    • In My Norton page, you’ll see a button that says Download. Where on the right hand side of the button, says, “PROTECT ANOTHER DEVICE
    • Depending on onto which device you are installing your Norton software, click either onto the button or the “PROTECT ANOTHER DEVICE” link.
    • Follow the on-screen instructions.

    In case if you have already installed Norton 360 in your first computer, and then you want to install it in an additional device then follow the steps below:

    • From your Norton software, open the Device Security section.
    • Click onto the link that says Install on Another Device.
    • Follow the on-screen instructions.

    Uninstall :

    In order to remove the previous versions of Norton software, one can use Norton remove and reinstall  tool which helps to uninstall and reinstall Norton security products on one’s Microsoft Windows operating system, including Norton 360.

    Windows :


    • Open Norton app from Launchpad or from Application folder.
    • On the menu bar, click on Norton app’s name right from the Mac’s apple icon and on the drop-down list click on Uninstall.
    • Follow the instructions and enter the administrator’s password if prompted.
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