what is webroot?

    Webroot is a cybersecurity software founded in the year 1997. Its founders are Kristen Talley and Steven Thomas. Webroot CEO is Mike Potts (26th September 2017).

    It provides webroot internet security, for personal and business uses. It provides products for home as well as for the office use. The different products and their difference is stated below. Know why webroot is good and the reason to choose it over other antiviruses. know how to unintall and install webroot with the help of pictures for every step.

    Why to choose webroot ?

    • webroot is user friendly for use, pocket friendly for billings.
    • Provides fast detection and protection from cyber-threats within few seconds.
    • webroot doesn’t create any kind of slow-down or interruptions.
    • It uses cloud based trouble-less management
    • Provides RMM, PSA & BI integrations
    • Prevents any conflicts between softwares or reimaging.
    • Blocks the distrustful websites and protects our personal identity.

    is webrrot secureanywhere good ?

    The webroot reviews is that Webroot secureanywhere antivirus is faster than McAfee antivirus. Webroot detects the malwares in 20 secs without interrupting the performance while mcAfee takes longer time. It scores good for malware detection and protection, endpoint protection and anti-phishing and many more. Check on the differences and features below for a detailed understanding.

    Products, its features and differences.

    webroot got two categories, one for the home and another for the business. The business versions are good for small to medium size businesses. Let’s know more about the products and its features that are available.

    Home product:

    Under Virus protection and webroot security we got the following products available:

    • webroot antivirus: (refer to the table below)
    • webroot Internet security plus: (refer to the table below)
    • webroot Internet security complete: (refer to the table below)
    • webroot antivirus for games

    Under data privacy we got the following products:

    • webroot Wi-Fi security: provides protection against unprotected networks, personal identity threat and privacy online, distrustful websites. Its only available for mac, windows, and android systems. The antivirus and wifi security vpn both goes hand in hand.
    Features / differenceswebroot antiviruswebroot internet security pluswebroot internet security complete
    Cyber threat protection that is to provide protection or security from any online warnings or problems.Yesyesyes
    Protection against ransomware that is a protection from any kind of fraudulent activityYesyesYes
    Security for personal data and identity from being theftYesYesYes
    Blocking the dangerous websites and helps in anti-phishing, that is preventing the unauthorized access over your device.  YesYesYes
    Scanning and detection of firewalls and network connections so that no one can check or steal your valuable files over the network.yesYesYes
    No interruption while quick scanning of your device.yesyesYes
    Secures your phone and tablets YesYes
    Passwords management and logins YesYes
    Remove the traces of your online activity that means your online search history is not traceable.  Yes
    Online secure storage upto 25gb  Yes

    Business product:

    webroot got the following products for the businesses:

    • Endpoint protection: it is a cybersecurity protection from any hackers who tries to steal your business vital information. It includes the webroot antivirus, anti-malwares, webroot filtering, cloud based console, fast scanning, no software conflicts, flexible billing  and many more. These reasons make webroot stand best among all.
    • DNS protection: webroot provides a protection for your dns as it is more likely to get cyber threats. DNS act like that of phone book for the networks, it translate what you browse into ip address, that helps the browser to flourish you with the desired site. It blocks any cyberthreats right in the domain level, it shows the detailed threats the business is likely to have without protection of dns, it provides dns filters that blocks all the attacks your business is exposed to.
    • Security awareness training: creates awareness about all kinds of threats to the employees working in the business. It is done in order to reduce the risk of the business from cyber threats, decrease infections, protect the reputation of the company by expressing few breaches and more.
    • Carbonite endpoint: is a backup protection for all the endpoint devices. It provides global device tracking to know where the device is and remove all its contents. It also provides protection to multiple number of devices, restore scheduling without hampering the productivity and many more.
    • Carbonite backup for the Microsoft 365: is a backup remedy for any data loss. It can help all the Microsoft 365 devices to recover or easy restore its data as much as possible.

    how to uninstall webroot ?

    Follow the steps below to know how to uninstall webroot :

    On windows XP

    1. Click in the Start, then run.
    2. On the Run window, type “appwiz.cpl” without using the quotes and press Enter on your keyboard.
    3. Select webroot secureanywhere and then click on Uninstall. Then Click on Yes.
    4. Enter the characters displayed on the screen and click on Continue.
    5. You may select the reason for uninstalling webroot.
    6. Return to the uninstall page once again and click on the refresh button

    webroot will now be removed from your computer.

    On windows vista/ windows 7/ windows 8, 10

    • Click on the Start/ windows icon.
    • Type “appwiz.cpl” without using the quotes on the search pannel, then press Enter on your keyboard. Click on appwiz.cpl
    How to install webroot
    • Select the Webroot SecureAnywhere and click on Uninstall. Click on yes.
    How To Uninstall Webroot
    Assolve Webroot
    • Enter the characters displayed on your screen and click on Continue. You may specify the reason for uninstalling webroot and click send. 
    Assolve Webroot Setup
    Webroot pc download windows 10
    • Get back to the uninstall page and click on the refresh button.
    • Your webroot secureanywhere will now be removed from your computer.
    Assolve Webroot

    how to install webroot ?

    Follow the steps below to know how to install webroot :

    On computer:

    • Go to the manufacturer’s site and enter your OS version.
    • Select the product that you wish to install.
    •  Click on Download button to download the product of your choice.
    • Ones the downloading is complete, run the esainstall.exe file to initiate the setup.
    • Enter the keycode in the given box when prompted. It will be mailed to you once you have purchased the product.
    • Follow the instructions and do accordingly in order to complete the installation successfully.

    On mac:

    • Go to the manufacturer’s site and enter the mac os version.
    • Select the product and click on download option.
    • Once the downloading is complete, open the file to initiate the installation
    • Launch the Webroot program by double-clicking on the icon.
    • Follow the instructions displayed on your screen to finish the rest setup.

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