what is Avast antivirus

    avast is a popular antivirus software sketched to provide safeguard for your devices either for personal or business use. Avast software is developed by avast for operating systems like windows, macOS, Linux, android or IOS. It extends a free and a paid option for its customers. The avast free version is thorough, but the paid version adds a plenty of useful features which is discussed below.

    Avast antivirus also proffers a number of other security services where an user can purchase a avast vpn (virtual privacy network), or an anti-tracking software etc.

    Avast has four versions available for its customers, scroll down to have a better understanding of the versions, its features and their differences. Also know whether avast is safe or not and how to install avast on windows, mac, mobile supported by pictures of every step.

    Versions available, their differences and features

    There are four versions available namely

    • avast Free antivirus
    • avast Premium security single device
    • avast Premium security multiple device
    • avast Ultimate
    Features / differencesFree antivirusPremium security single devicePremium security multiple deviceUltimate
    Virus and malware protection and blocking
    ( avast antivirus detects and immediately reports any suspicious files or behavior in real time.)
    yes  yes  yes 
    Detecting Wi-Fi security weakness
    (helps to scan and fix any weaknesses in the home or public network)
     yes  yes  yes  yes 
    Additional ransomware security
    (it blocks the ransomware or any distrustful application for making any kind of encryption or change in your personal pictures, files etc.)
     yes  yes  yes  yes 
    Automatic software updater 
    (out-of-date software are updated)
      yes  yes  yes 
    Permanent delete
    (it makes sures for a permanent delete of the sensitive files so that no one can ever recover it)
      yes  yes  yes 
    Webcam protection
    (it actually blocks the distrustful apps from any access of your webcam without your permission)
      yes  yes  yes 
    Block hackers
    (prevents you from hackers who could steal your vital information resource)
      yes  yes  yes 
    Safely run suspicious app
    (it lets you open malicious files in a safe environment before you run the file on your device)
      yes  yes  
    avast secure browser
    (Avoids fake websites for shopping or purchases)
     yes    yes 
    Shields you from remote access
    (stopping the hackers from taking the control or access over your device)
      yes yes  yes  
    Installing in all devices
    (allowing to install upto 10 devices)
    Avast clean up premium
    (it improves the device performance by removing junks)
    avast secureline vpn
    (it helps to encrypt the internet connection for safe browsing)

    Is avast safe

    avast is a highly popular antivirus which is ranked as a good program. Avast free antivirus provides good malware and virus protection with several other features which is often not found in free softwares. But avast premium security product isn’t always of worthy upgrade, for few users. If, in case you are searching for an extra protection from your internet threats then it’s worth checking out avast antivirus because of its good review on password manager and Wi-Fi scanner.

    how to install avast


    How to install avast
    • Click on THE free download or download free antivirus.
    How to free install & download avast   antivirus
    • After the completion of downloading, Open the Avast setup file.
    Avast setup file
    • Follow the prompts which will vary from Windows computer to Mac computer:
    1. On Windows: Click on “Yes” when prompted, click on “INSTALL” button, and after that click on “CONTINUE” twice when the installation is complete.
    2. On Mac: Double-click on “Avast Security” icon, click on “Continue” twice, and after that click on “Agree” when prompted. Click on “Continue” again and enter the admin password and then click “Install Software”. You may need to verify your installation before finishing the installing of Avast.
    Avast Security uninstall Avast
    • Click on the Status tab which is located in the upper-left corner of the Avast window. In case of Mac, click the Scan tab right here.
    Avast Window
    • Click on RUN SMART SCAN located in the middle of the Avast window. It will prompt Avast to begin the scanning of your computer for malware, viruses, and other threat detection. In case of Mac, click on Start to the right of the “Full System Scan” heading.
    How to run avast smart scan
    • Wait for the scan to complete, once it’s done, the computer will be free of malware. Avast may also prompt to take up the follow-up steps so, follow the on-screen instructions to do the necessary.
    Avast install & setup


    • Open the Google Play Store. Tap on the search bar. Type in avast antivirusin. Tap to INSTALL
    avast antivirusin Tap to INSTALL

    Tap accept  when prompted. Doing so will cause the Avast Antivirus 2018 app to begin installing onto your Android.

    • The Avast app is relatively small, so it should only take a few seconds to install.
    • Open
    Avast Mobile Security 2020-Antivirus & App Lock
    • Press on Get started, then tap on start with basic security, and lastly on scan.
    Assolve Avast
    How To SCAN Avast Antivirus
    • The scanning might take time, once the scanning is completed, the device will be threat-free.
    Assolve avast Free Antivirus
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