what is Kaspersky

    kaspersky is an antivirus cyber-security solution, endpoint protection. The kaspersky antivirus provides security for your home – privacy of family members their money, files, photographs, videos etc, kaspersky antivirus also protects the enterprise systems and its data and processes. There is a kaspersky free antivirus trial available for a month. The home products which are available are kaspersky antivirus, kaspersky internet security, kaspersky total security, kaspersky vpn and so on. There is an easy way of how to install kaspersky and how to uninstall kaspersky by following the easy procedure and image reference flurished below.

    Home products available


    kaspersky antivirus checks on vulnerabilities and threats to shield you from the hackers who tries to steal your vitals before reaching to you. Kaspersky antivirus helps you by blocking them all. Kaspersky antivirus hence makes your device work smoothly.

    kaspersky android antivirus protects your android devices by

    • Blocking all the dubious apps, websites, files and letting you to have a control over some specific apps
    • It puts an end to the spyware who monitor calls, texts and location
    • kaspersky android antivirus comprises of anti-theft tools in order to protect your mobiles and data
    • It utilize the Machine Learning to battle new awaited threats

    kaspersky internet security removes all kinds of malwares, detects and secure you from the futuristic threats, protects from being hacked and blocks all the spying apps and websites. Kaspersky internet security also provides protection when using Wi-Fi and with additional tools for your security. Hence providing an awesome and complete satisfaction.

    kaspersky total security neutralizes and detect all the malwares and zero day threats. It prevents hacking and spying activities, provides features for the home and parental control over your beloved kids, kaspersky total security also provides more tools for your security and device performance.

    kaspersky security cloud provides a cloud-based security that helps to keeps your devices very smooth to use by managing the device storage and battery life. It provides VPN, parental control, antivirus, security, password management etc. It also gives an additional tool for privacy, detection, protection etc. Another benefit is of personalized alerts to keep your devices safe.

    kaspersky vpn secure connection protects and keep your communications private and shield you when using public Wi-Fi.

    how to install kaspersky

    follow the steps to know how to install kaspersky

    • Download the Kaspersky Anti-Virus from the website or from the email link. Then run the downloaded installer
    • Wait a little to search for the latest version of kaspersky application.
    Kaspersky Anti-Virus
    • Click on continue after reading the License Agreement by clicking on the link.
    What is Kaspersky Anti-Virus
    • Click the link to review the KSN(Kaspersky Security Network) Statement in case of any participation. Click on install.
    How To install & uninstall Kaspersky
    Kaspersky Install
    • click on apply after selecting the settings.
    How to Apply Kaspersky
    • press done
    Successfully installed Kaspersky
    • kaspersky antivirus is now installed.
    • Similar are the steps for other product installation.

    how to uninstall kaspersky

    Let’s see how to uninstall kaspersky by following the steps below:

    • Open the Control Panel and look for the Microsoft support website to look for the instructions. Go to the Programs and Features from the panel.
    • Select the Kaspersky application and click on Uninstall/Change.
    How to uninstall kaspersky
    • If your application is password-protected, enter the password. Click Continue and then click on next.
    Uninstall Kaspersky
    Kaspersky Internet Security Setup
    • If your application is password-protected then re-enter the password. Click Next.
    How To Uninstall the application Kaspersky
    • Save the activation code in “My Kaspersky’ for any future use, then press on next.
    How to activate My Kaspersky Account
    • In case if you are not signed in then click on Save and get signed in from the application interface. Return to the uninstallation wizard and click on Next.
    My Kaspersky account
    • choose the checkboxes that you want to save. Click Next. Click remove. Click yes to reboot your device
    How To remove Kaspersky account
    Assolve Kaspersky
    • Your application is now removed.
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