MS-Word Insert Tab Features

    In this article we will be discussing further about Microsoft Word features under the Insert tab that enables users to make a word document more demonstrative, analytic, and expressive to attract attention and engage views. Let’s have a detail view on these features.

    How To Use Ms-Word

    The image above shows the Insert tab and features which I have highlighted. The name of the tab Insert itself suggests that it is about adding pages, table (Row and column), illustration, App, Media, comment, links, header and footer, text, symbols, etc. These features add more ways to make a word document or file more peculiar professional and creative. It allows a file to be more professional, creative, and precise.

    Pages, Tables, Illustrations

    The first section under the insert tab is “Pages” that benefits the user to add a cover page, a blank page or break the page when a topic or chapter is covered. Next comes, “Tables” that allows the user to add rows and columns to have a table on a plain page. After that follows “Illustrations” enables the user to insert pictures from the computer as well as the web, the user can also add shapes, SmartArt, Chart and Screenshot.

    Assolve use Ms-word

    Apps, Media, Links, Comment

    Further ahead, the Apps section allows the user to add Apps for Office worksheets weather its Excel, Word or PowerPoint. These add-in apps help you design, create, edit, etc. and enables user to be distinctive. it followed by the Media section that helps you add video from the Internet, then comes the Links section that helps users to add Hyperlinks, Bookmark, Cross References and then follows the Comments section that enables users to add a comment.

    How to use Apps Media Links and Comments in ms-word

    Header & Footer, Text and Symbols

    Furthermore, you will see features such as Header & Footer, Text and Symbols under Insert tabs. Header & Footer allows users to add Headnote space at the top of the page and footnote space at the bottom of the page, user can also add page numbers at the desired position in deferent styles. Text section allows user to highlight text by posting it in a colorful box or sidebar designs, add quick parts like the cover page for the wide variety of options, use WordArt for heading to make it more attractive, add a drop cap to create a large capital letter at the beginning of the paragraph, add space for a signature or date and time, add an embedded object such as another word document or excel chart. Symbols add equations and symbols easily from these options.

    Ms-word Header & Footer, Text and Symbols
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